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We have assembled a world-class team of coaches, choreographers and instructors to guide your daughter in her training. Our staff is highly trained, passionate and excited to promote and teach the sport of rhythmic gymnastics!


Katerina has been involved in rhythmic gymnastics for over 16 years as a gymnast, coach and judge. Katerina began at the age of 4 and has been coached by many famous names such as World Champion Irina Gabashvilli and Irina Korosteleva. Katerina has competed internationally in Japan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Canada and Russia as well as within the United States for over 12 years, qualifying for the United States Elite Team in 2010. Since then, she has been coaching State, Regional and National champions for over six years. While running her gym, she attended college full time and received her bachelor’s degree in Communication and International Studies from the University of Washington. 


Under Katerina's coaching, Nova has had gymnasts consecutively qualify to the USA Gymnastics National Championship the past 8 years. Katerina is currently certified as a level 3-8 judge and loves coaching all ages of rhythmic gymnasts. Katerina has been named USA Gymnastics Region 2 Coach of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Founder and Head Coach


Irina Biryukova has has over 20 years of experience in rhythmic gymnastics. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Irina trained as a gymnast and was given the Master of Sport honor. She has worked with girls of all levels, and is currently working with our pre-team and Level 3-6 gymnasts. Many of her gymnasts have gone on to win State and Regional Champions. Irina is enthusiastic about coaching gymnastics and loves passing along her knowledge and love of the sport to a new generation of gymnasts. 


Irina is more than just an excellent coach who teaches her gymnasts correct techniques, choreographs beautiful and unique routines for them and helps them achieve great results. But she also cares for and loves every single one of her students, helping them overcome obstacles and cope with disappointment, teaching them wisdom through sport and guiding them through ups and downs every athlete has in their career.

Team Coach


Nadia Voronenko recently moved here from Mykolaiv, Ukraine with her family. She specializes in children ages 3-8 years old, and absolutely loves to work with younger gymnasts. With a background in ballet and dance, she focuses her classes on coordination, and developing the essential skills necessary for rhythmic gymnastics. Nadia worked as a choreographer in Ukraine, and continues to work with us because of her love for choreography. She assists in choreographing dances for girls of all ages at Nova, from preschool to our competitive FIG levels. 

Team Coach


  Stevie Hagen grew up on Mercer Island and began dancing at the age of 2. She pursued a dance career intensively at Pacific Northwest Ballet School and continued her training at Cornish College of the Arts. After graduating from Cornish in 2016 with a BFA, Stevie became a certified Pilates instructor and began teaching private Pilates lessons almost immediately. In addition, In January of 2016, Stevie began teaching adult ballet and pointe classes as a substitute for Deena Dunning. Before Deena, an irreplaceable and incredible teacher, passed away, she passed her ballet program on to Stevie to continue. Stevie is currently running the ballet program and continuing Deena’s legacy. Sharing her love and passion for teaching ballet and Pilates brings Stevie immense joy, and assuring that every student leaves feeling accomplished, challenged, and encouraged, is her top priority. 


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